Meek Mill Compares His Jail Cellmate To ‘A Girlfriend’ . . . Fans REACT!!


Rapper Meek Mill put his foot in his mouth while appearing on Gillie Da Kid’s podcast yesterday. The Philadelphia rapper compared the bond he had with his former jail cellmate to that of a “girlfriend.”

Meek Mill explained this by describing the heartbreak he felt when he learned that his jail cellmate – was being moved to another cell, MTO News confirmed.

In the podcast, Meek explained, “You have a celly [cell mate] for three months, and all of a sudden [the guards tell him] ‘pack it up, you’re going to a new jail.’

Meek continued, “[When that happens,] you’re gonna feel like you just lost a chick . . . you’re gonna be hurt about it.”

Gillie and his co-host, who both spent time in prison before, did not seem to agree with Meek’s assessment, MTO News confirmed.


Meek’s fans are going crazy over his comments across social media. And the rapper’s comments on Instagram are currently in utter shambles.

In 1965, social scientists Ward and Kassebaum conducted research in Frontera through questionnaires and concluded from staff and inmates that “between 30% and 75% of the inmates had sexual affairs while in prison”, 50% of those engaging in same-sex sexual activity.

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