Meek Mill Apologizes For Yelling In Clubhouse

Meek Mill is apologizing after he went viral again for screaming at people in the social media app, Clubhouse.

The group was actually discussing why Black men don’t uplift and support other Black men. One of the speakers disagreed with Meek — and then the rapper lost it.

“Your dad is a rat. You a p*ssy,” Meek clapped back. “You come from Delaware, bro! … Your pops is a rat. He grew up in the suburbs.”

Meek then faced an epic dragging from social media, who called him out for his hypocrisy. The rapper later hopped online to issue an apology:

” ima have a better reaction in 2021… I apologize when snap out sometimes ..then convos that stem from hatred, strike me hard from my upbringing! After that nip sh*t my hatred level went up I’m a boss up leave it in 2020!” he wrote.

2021 is only two days away, so essentially — we should not hear another rant from Meek like this again.

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