Meek Mill Addresses Viral Video Of Him Giving Kids Selling Water $20!


Meek Mill has addressed the now-viral video of him giving a group of kids who were selling water on the street just $20.

Meek faced backlash for being cheap — and he was the person who recorded the incident and shared it to social media.

“I know what’s going on,” Meek said in Clubhouse. “I ain’t giving no young boys no money to buy no weed.” His statement assumed that’s what the young men would have used the money for – another issue.

“We came up pumping gas at the gas station, carrying old ladies’ bags, shoveling snow,” Meek continued. “I pulled up on them young bouls to give them game. I ain’t worried about no f*cking money.”

He then blamed the media: “People don’t have the common sense to say, ‘Damn, he did stop and pull up’. They wasn’t even mad when we gave them the $20. The internet made them mad. If you look at the video, young boy said ‘Thanks. I f*ck with you.’ The internet made them mad.”

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