MC Eiht Warns Rappers Not To Flaunt Their Wealth


Veteran rapper MC Eiht is warning rappers not to flash their cash on social media following a slew of rapper deaths and incarcerations this year.


“There’s a lot of people who don’t wake up and drive Bentleys, put on $100,000 chains, and can’t go buy Birkin bags and sh*t like that,” Eiht told HipHopDX. “There’s a lot of us who live in reality still and, you know, there’s gas bills, light bills, you gotta pay your mortgage and you gotta buy groceries, so that kind of puts that in a reality state of life isn’t a party.”

He added: “Life is a struggle. A lot of people don’t tend to realize that,” he said. “You get a lot of music and emceeing where people depict that ‘everything is great, life is perfect, I get to drive a Lambo around.’ Okay, good for you, but let’s not forget, 80 percent of those people buying your music are probably struggling and average muthaf*ckas every day.”

Is he right?

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