Master P Blames Drugs For Rappers Dying So Young

Master P says that drugs are to blame for rappers dying so young.

He told HHDX, “it’s because of the drugs and people not being held accountable.”

He continued, “As a young person, we always say, ‘Oh, he’s young, but she’s young. Let them go, do. They going to figure it out.’ Everybody don’t figure it ou. You either going to be a tragedy or testimony. A lot of people don’t get to be a testimony. It normally don’t work like your situation, my situation, it don’t happen that often.”

Master P doesn’t think the rappers are being guided in the right ways.

“Even the parents end up being friends. One thing I love about my parents and my grandparents, they never was my friends. When I went to them, I know that I got the real. I think that people as parents, if you got a young person that’s in Hip Hop, or just in general, in life, stop trying to cheat the game… Stop trying to just have fun with your kids,” he said. 

“I just think that’s the only way we’re going to save this culture. Because like I said, everybody is not going to overcome all this adversity.”


Is he right?

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