Mass Shooting At Child’s Birthday Party At Incredible Pizza In Memphis!! (IG Video)


A mass shooting broke out at a children’s birthday party at Incredible Pizza in Memphis, Tennessee, MTO News has learned. And the shooting was captured on video and live-streamed on Instagram Live.

According to Memphis Police, a fist fight broke out between two families, and turned into a double shooting at a pizza venue for children’s birthday parties. 

Memphis Police told the media, including MTO News, that two adults were shot inside after a disagreement between two families, who knew each other.

Police say that a 21 year old man shot his rival, and MTO News confirmed that the shooter also mistakenly shot his own mother when she tried to stop the shooting.

This is the latest in a series of mass shootings which occur near civilians. And this mass shooting was captured on video.

As the below video shows, an argument ensued inside Incredible Pizza, which is a popular destination for children’s birthday parties. Then, you hear gunshots and people running for cover.

In the video, you see children falling to the floor, and nearly being trampled on by fleeing patrons.


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