MASKLESS NYC Woman Calls Black Worker A N**GER For Not Serving Her!!


A maskless New York City woman, who is a proud Trump supporter, is going viral for calling a Black worker the “N word” because he refused to serve her coffee, MTO News has confirmed. And the same woman is also being accused of making OUTRAGEOUS comments about her own children – who are half Black.

The incident occurred inside a Manhattan coffee shop – Davidovich Bakery, which has signs clearly requiring all customers to wear masks. A blonde woman entered the establishment- without a mask – and asked to be served, MTO News has learned.

The man behind the counter – who is Black – told the woman the store’s policy and refused to serve her, unless she put on a mask.

Here is the video:

The woman was confronted by another person, and here’s what happened:

This video is the latest in a series of RACIST ENCOUNTERS covered by MTO News where white woman racially harass and abuse Black people in New York City, a supposedly liberal city.


But that’s not where everything ends. Social media sleuths searched through the internet and found a social media page, which they believe may belong to the RACIST epithet hurling NYC woman.

The social media account belongs to a person named Stephanie Denario, and she bears a striking resemblance to the woman seen in the video.

The account posted a bunch of pro-Trump messages. She also posted in support of Blue Lives Matter, a movement designed to stop social justice and police reforms.

But one post, in particular, is the most troubling. In that post Stephanie appears to be PRAISING THE EVIL INSTITUTION OF SLAVERY. She wrote that her biracial children “wouldn’t exist if not for the Trans Atlantic slave trade.” 

New Yorkers are outraged by the woman’s racist and aggressive behavior towards the Black worker and are calling for her arrest. Many are also calling for Stephanie’s children to be removed from her custody on the grounds that her blatant racist beliefs may cause emotional harm and trauma to her children.

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