Masika Kalysha: I’m A Black Republican For Biden

Masika Kaylysha wants it known that although she’s a Republican, she voted for Joe Biden to help get Trump out of office.

She also had a few harsh words for Lil Pump.

“I am a black republican for Biden/Harris bc there’s more issues than my fking taxes,” Masika tweeted. “U can vote to legalize marijuana even if u don’t smoke or sell. U can vote pro choice even if u personally don’t believe in abortion or HAVE A WOMB. U can vote pro love even if ur not lgbtq+.”

She continued: “All urban fools supporting Donald Duck r crying about taxes… something 45 knows NOTHING about. How can he possibly relate when he doesn’t pay his taxes? I paid tax of 65k this yr as a blk single mom under 45s admin. Trump paid NOTHING I don’t make a fraction of what he makes!”


Lil Pump’s Instagram has almost solely been dedicated to Trump over the last week or so. He has lost 300,000 followers so far for his trouble.

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