Masika Kalysha Drags Derrick Jaxn!!

Reality television star Masika Kalysha has weighed in on the Derrick Jaxn scandal — and she says it if were her he cheated on, he would not have gotten another chance.

“I will swallow a jean jacket dry & count grains of rice on all the sushi @ Katana before I hold the musty hand of my cheatin ass husband in a hatbonnet lookin humble while he is forced to admit that he smashed a crispy cream box full of bitches in the bed we conceived our kids in,” she tweeted.

Jaxn was forced to admit that he cheated on his wife after his former sidechick stepped forward and exposed him.

Jaxn claimed to have been divorced, but a woman named Candie De Medeiros says that she had an affair with him while his wife and children were visiting family in Colorado.


“The truth is and I’m saying it here now is that Derrick Jaxn was involved with other women outside the marriage, and by involved I want to be clear… I’m talking about as serious as sex to sexual flirtation to meeting up and other things…without my wife’s knowledge of it,” he said in his video confession.

Tasha K says he has not spilled on the beans yet…

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