Mase Reveals Why He’s Still Dissing Diddy

Ma$e recently dropped a new Diddy diss track called “Oracle 2: The Liberation Of Mason Betha.”

In an interview, the former Bad Boy artist explained why he dissed his former boss again.

“When I see the hurt and the pains of other people on Bad Boy that motivates me to say something so I don’t be deemed as a person who just made a bunch of money and turned a blind eye,” he said. 

“I’m not gonna be like the rest of the people around Puff that don’t tell him he’s wrong. I’m not gonna be like the yes men around him that seem him ruining people’s lives and never tell him he’s wrong.”

He says he’s done with Diddy’s games.

He continued, “More people on here would tell me I’m wrong but won’t say anything to him. They’ll judge my beliefs. They’ll judge my Christianity and they’ll say nothing to Puff. They’ll say nothing about ‘is a concert for Biggie and Biggie own daughter couldn’t get in.’ They’ll say nothing about that, but all of his friends got 50 and 60 tickets. We’re done with your games.”

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