Martell Holt Under Pressure In New ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Trailer

Love & Marriage: Huntsville star Martell Holt is under pressure in the new trailer for the show, which premieres this week.

During a counseling session, Martell complains about his finances.

“Financially, I’m not doing as good. I’ve been what we call stuck.” 

Melody then chimes in: “But you don’t get to stop because you have now five children.” Martell gets upset. “Why are you doing that?” he asks her. Melody responds, “Cause it’s the truth.”

Martell is unwilling to discuss the child he’s having with his then-mistress. “We’re talking about the four children that you and I have.” 

“You have five,” Melody claps back.

“Stop. I don’t want to talk about that at all. So stop doing it. I’m serious, okay?” says Martell.

Martell caught heat online months back after be blamed Melody for his cheating. He also accused her of cheating because she’d gotten two abortions.

“You went through this…I think twice. Why would you go through this if I’m your husband? If it’s mine why would you get an abortion?” he said at the time.

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