‘Married To Medicine’s Toya Bush-Harris Apologizes To Lisa Nicole Cloud

Married to Medicine’s Toya Bush-Harris has had a rough season, and on Instagram, she apologized to Lisa Nicole Cloud for some of her messy behavior.

“So my spirit ain’t been right. After this past Sunday, I did a Live with my homegirl Lisa. And I’ve been watching that video and to be honest with y’all, let me tell you, it wasn’t right. It wasn’t right for a multitude of reasons. Reason one, after watching the episode, it just didn’t sit well in my spirit. And I snapped at my homegirl Lisa really early on in the video and it wasn’t even funny,” she said.”

She continued, “And Lisa, I owe you an apology. I’m doing it live because the video was live. Lisa has no clue that I’m doing this so I just want to say to Lisa, publicly, girl I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have cursed at you. That was not cool. It was not for you, it was just misguided frustration. You and I both had just watched the episode and it just tore me up to even watch the episode. And to be honest with you, it was just tearing me up and it’s tearing me up now.”

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