‘Married To Medicine’s Dr. Heavenly Warns Toya Bush-Harris Her Jackie Beef Could Get Her Fired!!

According to Dr. Heavely Kimes, Toya Bush-Harris should end her beef with Dr. Jackie Walters — otherwise, she could be fired.

“She came for me first. Then she came for Quad, then she came for Anila…oh no, Contessa was before Anila. Contessa, then she came for Anila. And here lately, I’m hearing on Instagram that she’s coming for Jackie,” said Heavenly.


She continued, “Don’t come for Jackie. I’m a tell you one thing on this show, you gonna learn your lesson. You don’t come for Jackie. People on came for Jackie? Are they still here? You might wanna make Jackie your friend, Toya. At least be smart enough not to come for every d*mn body. The only person you got is Simone. I’m a give you a secret. Let me give you a secret. Simone is a flip-flopper. She ain’t solid on no d*mn body, she’s a flip-flopper.”

Heavenly went as far as to call Jackie the “queen” of the show. Is she right?

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