Married Blonde BILLIONAIRE Gave Black Cop ‘MASSAGE’; Before Shooting Him In Head!

Jasmine Hartin, the beautiful married billionaire, has now been officially charged with manslaughter by negligence in the shooting death of a prominent black police officer in Belize.

Jasmine, 32, is married to the son of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft. The blonde socialite was taken into custody last Friday after Henry Jemmott, 42 and who was alone with Jasmine, was shot behind the ear with his own revolver.

Now MTO News has more details on what was going on between Jasmine and Officer Jemmot, before he was shot and killed. In her statement to police, Jasmine claims she invited the veteran officer to her apartment where the pair drank alcohol together alone, and discussed her personal security. 

According to Jasmine, the two later walked a short distance to the wooden pier by the Mata Rocks hotel, which was closed because of the pandemic. 

Jasmine told police that Officer Jemmott said he was suffering from shoulder pain so she offered him a massage while he placed his service weapon on the dock. 

After she finished massaging the officer, she claims that she picked up the gun – to pass it back to him and the loaded gun fired accidentally, according to the statement. 

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Police found Jasmine at the scene, ‘hysterical’ and covered in blood, but immediately clammed up and summoned a lawyer once she was placed into custody, sources said.

The blonde socialite has spent the past four days holed up in a tiny concrete cell at the stiflingly hot police and magistrates court complex in San Pedro, the tropical resort’s only town jail.

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