Married At First Sights Zach & Michaela Split – Zach DUMPS HER!! (Details)


The new season of Married At First Sight introduced us to Zach & Michaela, a great looking couple that seem to be fan favorites. Most viewers are watching the two- hoping that they make it, and stay together.

Well MTO News has discovered that unfortunately, the pair didn’t make it as a couple – and it was Zach who DUMPED Michaela.


And of course, we have some receipts. 

First receipt: Michaela has not been wearing her wedding ring in social media posts as far back as May 11, 2021. She posted the below pic on her account @she_is_mic displaying her bare ring finger with a very telling lyric from “Smile” by Jay Z: “But life is short, and it’s time to be free. Love who you love because life isn’t guaranteed.”

Second receipt: MTO News received word that a poster on Reddit claimed that Michaela and Zack didn’t make it and broke up at the six-week check-in. According to them, Michaela said yes to remaining married, but Zach said no. 

And our third and final receipt: MTO News learned that an anonymous tipster on IG posted on their stories that someone who works at Bush Airport saw Zach holding hands with another woman.

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