Married At First Sight!! Bao & Zack HOOK UP . . . After Dumping Their SPOUSES!!

Married at First Sight star Bao Huong Hoang dumped her husband Johnny Lam – and is now dating Zack Freeman, who recently dumped his wife Michaela Clark, MTO News has learned.

MTO News has confirm that Bao Huong Hoang split from her husband Johnny Lam – and that will play out during the current season of the show.

MTO News also confirmed that Zach and Michaela split this season. That will also play out during the upcoming season.

And we can also confirm that Bao and Zach have been hanging out together, recently in Houston. And according to the word on the street – the two Married At First Sight cast members may actually be dating.

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So far, there are no confirmations that the two of them are dating after Married at First Sight. Even so, a lot of people think they could be a good couple. Bao Huong Hoang is definitely very calm, cool, and collected like Zack Freeman wants.

Here’s a pic of them on what looks like a date:

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