Marc Lamont Hill Welcomes Baby w/ Beautiful Rutgers Professor Melissa M. Valle!! (PICS)

TV host and professor Marc Lamont Hill just had a baby with his girlfriend, the gorgeous professor Melissa M Veille. Melissa is currently a professor at Rutgers University, Media Take Out exclusively learned.

Marc Lamont Hill, 49, has been a bachelor for all his life. But it finally looks like he’s ready to settle down. And he picked the perfect woman – who is smart and beautiful.

Melissa is an assistant Professor in both the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Department of African American and African Studies at Rutgers University-Newark. She’s also a core faculty member of the Global Urban Studies/Urban Systems Ph.D. program. 

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While Marc has been mostly silent about his girlfriend, and their new family – Melissa’s all over Instagram showing off pics with Marc and the baby.

But there was a slight complication with the child’s birth. Media Take Out confirmed that their child was born 9 weeks early (at 31 weeks), so he needs to spend some time in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Here’s Melissa describing what happened:

Malcolm Kamau is our quiet warrior, our teacher, our rebel who has traversed from womb to the world on his own time, in his own special way. My heart is bursting with a love supreme, while it is also heavy as we wait anxiously for the day when Mau Mau can leave the NICU and be home with me and Marc. These are beautiful and difficult days and I ask for all of your patience and grace as we navigate what it means to be a #NICUmom and #NICUdad. 

We’re praying for baby Malcolm.

They make a really cute couple:

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