MANAGER: Black Rob’s BABY MAMAS Took ALL The Money From ‘Woah’; Not Diddy!!

Black Rob, the legendary rap star, passed away last week – and days before he passed, he was reportedly homeless. Fans of the New York rapper quickly blamed his former label head Diddy for Black Rob’s money woes.


But now MTO News has learned that his manager is speaking out – and claiming that it was his babys mamas who took all his money – not Diddy. Black Rob had four children: Kayli, Rianna, Diamond, and Million. And child support payments on his kids – left him penniless.

Black Rob’s manager and friend Mark Curry spoke out about it in a new interview. He said that Black Rob was receiving royalties from his record label – but child support took it all. He explained:

[He was] a rich person and did Woah, and then [he] got child support that’s taking all the money from him that [he’s] earning. You’re a famous dude, but you don’t have the money to go with it.  . . . [He’s] had no other resort choice but to be what Rob was like . . . 

Decisions that we make in life, sometimes those come back – women that we deal with, friends we deal with. Sometimes they come back to bite you in the as*. But it’s a part of life.

Watch (starts at 38:00):

In October 2020, at Connecticut’s #1 rap show Bars On I-95, Black Rob spoke about his financial struggles as a result of child support.

Rob said: “I’m still under pressure. It might not seem like it [but] a n**** is under pressure. I need help man. I get money, everybody know that, but the child support is slaying me. I can’t even live my life man! I’m supposed to be poppin’.”

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