Man Livestreams On IG Live As Woman Overdoses On New Designer Drug ‘Mojo’!!


The content on Instagram Live has been changing rapidly. These days you’re just as likely to see a fight, or a person overdosing, as you are to see anything else on the Facebook owned platform.

And yesterday, MTO News learned that a man Livestreamed a woman overdosing on the popular new cheap designer drug, Mojo.

Mojo has been flooding the hoods recently with dealers selling small packages for as little as $1.

Unfortunately the side effects of the drug can be deadly. It’s so potent that many addicts immediately overdose while taking it.


Here’s the video of a man recording a woman after she smoked mojo:

Mojo is the brand name of a synthetic cannabis product that has become popular in recent years. Other brands of synthetic cannabis include “K2” or “spice.” 

Synthetic cannabis products like Mojo, K2, and Spice rose in popularity as legal alternatives to cannabis. In 2015, and again in 2017, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) added synthetic cannabis products to the list of Schedule I drugs, similar to cannabis. Schedule I drugs have no recognized medical use and a high potential for addiction and abuse.

Mojo is not marijuana. Companies package dried plant material, like tea leaves, and spray it with synthetic chemicals. These chemicals mimic the effects of THC in cannabis. Mojo usually contains the chemical AB-CHMINACA, which provides a similar effect to the natural cannabinoids found in marijuana.

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