Man Convicted Of Infecting Multiple BLACK Women w/ HIV Only 2 Yrs In Jail!!

A Caucasian Florida man, 27, who had sex with multiple Black women without telling them he had HIV is jailed for only two years after two women contracted the virus from him, MTO News has learned.

Last year an ex-girlfriend of Gentry Burns, 27, came forward to report she believed she had contracted HIV while dating him in 2013. According to reports, Gentry was active in the interracial dating scene.

The victim then attempted to contact other women who were dating Burns in an attempt to warn them – many of those women were African American.

Police later confirmed, through medical records, that Gentry had been diagnosed HIV positive in January 2014. 

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Police contacted many of Gentry’s former girlfriends and at least 3 women confirmed they dated and engaged in sexual activity with him without knowing he was HIV positive at the time.

Unfortunately, Gentry passed on the deadly illness. MTO News confirmed that at least two women were found to have contracted the disease. One was diagnosed HIV positive in 2017 after dating Gentry in 2016. 

Gentry lives in Port Orange, Florida, but he is believed to have bedded women from all across the east coast. He pleaded no contest to one count of uninformed HIV-infected sexual intercourse – and will get only 2 years in prison.

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