Man Commits SUICIDE On IG; After Catching GF ‘Cheating’ w/ Black Man!!

A popular Instagram influencer took police on a high speed chase across Southern California, after he claimed to have caught his girlfriend cheating with a “Black” man, MTO News has learned.

The influencer, who goes by the name s2k_wya, has more than 100,000 followers across social media platforms – and is well known in the car racing community.

Yesterday s2K went live, and posted a video of himself in the midst of a high speed chase with police. In the video, the IG influencer cries, says goodbye to his family, and gives his last will and testament.

Then, MTO News confirmed, he pulled out a loaded gun and began taunting police. 

Eventually police moved in and shot himself in the head. Here’s video:

Why was he being chased by police? Well the back story is pretty disturbing.

San Diego police responded to s2k’s home and claim that they found a woman who told officers s2k has hit her in the head with an ax, strangled her, tied her up, and sexually assaulted her over a two-day period. 

During that time, police said the woman claimed he was going to buy a gun and would kill her if police were called. When he left the apartment, the woman escaped and alerted neighbors who then called SDPD, police added.

SDPD said officers discovered the woman has sustained two broken ribs, swelling to her face, and had bruises all over her body.

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