Man Builds A Homemade Helicopter On Youtube . . . And The Machine Kills Him LIVE! (Video)

A 29-year-old school dropout turned aviation enthusiast from Fulsawangi in India built his own helicopter, and tried to fly it for his fans on Youtube. Unfortunately the amateur builder died after being struck by the rotor blade of the contraption he built.

Shaikh Ismail, high school dropout, developed an interest in aviation and was working on building his own ‘Helicopter’. MTO News has learned that according to local reports Shaikh, who worked as a welder and fabricator, had been developing the helicopter for last two years.

Early Wednesday morning, Shaikh decided to take the copter on a trial run – LIVE on Youtube. The amateur inventor started the engine, and things went well initially.

Then it happened. MTO News confirmed the helicopters rotor blade tore off and hit Shaikh, killing him immediately. “One of the blades fell off and hit the youth on his head,” Yavatmal Superintendent of police Dilip Patil Bhujbal said. 

The police said that Shaikh did welding and other fabrication work to fund his daily needs while at night he worked on his helicopter. 

Here’s the video that was posted live:

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