Mama June’s BF Geno Doak Sentenced In Crack Cocaine Case!!

Geno Doak, Mama June’s boyfriend, has been sentenced in his crack cocaine case.

Geno has been given a 16-month sentence in his drug case. Geno has reportedly been registered as an inmate after taking a plea deal, he will only end up behind bars if he does not follow a set of rules given to him by the court.

Geno must complete a substance abuse treatment and evaluation as part of the deal he made with authorities and after his 16 months, he will be placed in probation for two years. The couple were arrested in March 2019 for drug-related charges. At the time, Mama June agreed to 100 hours of community service and court supervision.

Mama June appears to have already moved on. Following rumors that she and Geno had split, she was seen out with a new man. Her new rumored boyfriend, Jay, denied they are a couple even though they were reportedly seen kissing.

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