Mama June: I Went Into Rehab w/ $1.75 To My Name!!

In a recent interview, reality television star Mama June has revealed that she has blown $1 million on drugs — and went into rehab with $1.75 to her name.

“I wish I had that million back! I went into rehab with $1.75 to my name. I knew I was gonna have a good payment coming in, we was looking for it any day right before we went to rehab,” she told Too Fab.

“That night that Geno cried and we was a truck stop and we decided to go to rehab and call my production team and manager and Banyan, we walked in with $1.75. I feel like if [the money] would have came, we would have brushed off Banyan for a couple days to get that last one hoorah in. But it didn’t ever came. It came like 5 days after we went into Banyan. I think that was god’s plan of saying whatever.”

She said her and her boyfriend’s habit was around $4,000 a day — which is not small change.

“Now I look back, god I wish I had all that money I spent on dope. Our habit was, depending on where we was at, anywhere from $3-4,000 a day and you can use it up fast, especially if you’re dependent on it. You gotta think about it, anywhere from $3-4,000 times seven, that $28,000 a week. The only difference between my addiction and someone else’s addiction is I just had more money and more abundance to spend it. Do I wish I had that back? Hell yeah.”

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