Male IG Models Describes His Alleged NIGHT w/ Lizzo: ‘She Wore Me Out, Then Kicked Me Out”!!!

Pop singer Lizzo is going viral on Twitter this morning, after a man – who describes himself as an IG model describes what he claims happened during a late night rendezvous with the BBW singer.

And according to the male model – Lizzo is AMAZING in the sack.

The model took to Twitter last night, and started talking about his alleged fling with Lizzo – during a conversation where fans were discussing how the large and in charge singer brags about her promiscuity.

The man – who has since deleted his Twitter claims, “I hooked up with Lizzo two years ago in Los Angeles and she was amazing.”

The alleged model continued, “No really. Like the best Ive ever had. First off she’s much better looking in real life, especially without makeup.”

Lizzo Fat People Oppressed

“We were both hanging out at a party in [Hollywood Hills]. She came up to me and started spitting game. She was very aggressive, and I’m not used to that.”

Then, the model claims that he and Lizzo talked for most of the night, and when the party was over Lizzo took him back to her hotel room.

“She was staying in a huge [hotel] suite in Hollywood and I was impressed.”

But Lizzo didn’t allow the model to get too comfortable at her spot, and she allegedly immediately got down to business.

“It was amazing. First she was on top, then I was on top, then backshots.. It was the craziest and best time in my life.”

When it was all over, the model says that he was so drained that he wanted to rest. But Lizzo would have none of that.

Shortly after the alleged freak episode was over, Lizzo kicked the handsome model out. He ended saying, “She wore me out, then kicked me out.”

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