Majah Hype’s EX-GF: He Wanted To Kill Me!!

Majah Hype’s ex-girlfriend sat down for a recent interview where she spoke about her previous relationship — she claims her ex wanted to kill her.

“Things didn’t get really bad until 8-9 months of me living there. We had company, a young lady named Jasmine was over, and he wanted to have a threesome. I guess she was paying more attention to me than she was to him. And she made a comment to him, ‘Why don’t you go over there? You’re making her uncomfortable,'” Kirby Farrell told Tasha K. “I was uncomfortable. I’ve never been into anything like that before.”

She continued: “She made that statement to him and he lost it. He went off on her and punched her in the chest. He punched her like she was a man. I’ve never seen him in a rage like that. I’m like, ‘What are you doing?! What’s going on?’ I got really upset. And he sucker punched me in my stomach twice. He knocked the wind out of me. I immediately fell to the ground. And he said to me, ‘You’re the reason my mother’s not talking to me, b*tch.’ I’m laying there and I’m like what is this really about. Him and Jasmine are arguing back and forth. Everything is literally in slow motion. I can’t believe he hit me. I can’t believe he hit her.”


Kirby said she locked herself in the bathroom but that the comedian snatched her out of the bathroom by her hair and threatened to kill both of them.

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