Madonna’s 15 Yr Old Black Son Wears DRESS On Instagram; Transgender??

Pop legend Madonna posted new pics of her 15 year old son wearing a dress on Instagram. Shortly after the pics went viral, folks began speculating other they teenager was still a boy or whether he’s now transgender.

Madonna wouldn’t be the first celebrity who adopted an African child – who later became transgender.

Actress Charlize Theron adopted an African child, who at the age of 6, began wearing exclusively girls clothes. The actress later told media that the child who was first described as a boy was really transgender.

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Now Madonna, who also adopted a Black African boy, posted a video suggesting that her son David may also be trans.

Here are some images of the young man:

On Saturday, the 15-year-old he strutted around the house in a cream silk dress made by Mae Couture on social media. 

The Vogue crooner shared a video of him showcasing his runway worthy moves and high fashion sense set to ‘The Power’ by Snap!, as she exclaimed: ‘Confidence is everything.’ 

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