Mac Miller’s Drug Supplier Sentenced To More Than 11 Yrs In Prison!!

Ryan Reavis, One of the men who helped supply Mac Miller with fentanyl-laced pills was sentenced to 131 months.

The sentence is nearly 11 years long.

“This is a very tragic and difficult case,” Ryan Revis’ attorney Cori Ferrentino told E! News. “Mac Miller was loved and admired by so many. He fought many of the same demons related to addiction that Mr. Reavis has fought his whole life. It is not lost on Mr. Reavis for one minute that he will be able to return to his family and Mac Miler will not.”

Defendant Stephen Andrew Walter told Reavis to give Miller’s dealer Michael Pettit fentanyl “in the form of counterfeit oxycodone pills.” 

His attorney said his client did not know the pills were dangerous.

“Mr Reavis was an addict who had no idea the pills he delivered to a co-defendant contained fentanyl,” Ferrentino said. “Today, the judge spent a significant amount of time listening to the arguments and we are grateful for that.”

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