Lupe Fiasco Ends Podcast w/ Royce Da 5’9

Rapper Lupe Fiasco says his podcast with Royce Da 5’9 has come to an end — but says it’s not because of the diss tracks the rappers exchanged last week.

“I’m not doing that no more. But again, it’s not something that’s done out of ill will, this is something that’s been kind of building for a little bit,” Lupe told his fans. “And again, my heart wasn’t 100% in the podcast anyway, with Royce, without Royce, by myself, on my own. So shoutout to everybody who tuned into the podcast, really appreciate it… But yeah man, that’s probably the end of an era. And just kind of moving on to other things.” 

While the rappers are not in an all-out beef — Lupe admits to there being some tension.

“I think we just reached a state now where that’s kind of like an untenable relationship,” Lupe said, later adding, “This is something that has been building up for a little bit.” He also called the podcast a “great experience.”


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