Ludacris Responds To Omeretta’s ‘Sorry Not Sorry’: Migos Not Atlanta??


Ludacris has responded to Omeratta’s “Sorry Not Sorry” freestyle and names some of Atlanta’s most poppin’ artists, who according to her rap, cannot claim the city.

“I was born in Illinois/ Mama making hella noise/’Cause a star was born and I’ll take this as Omeretta gave him credit for it/’Cause early I moved to College Park, got rich like Ludacris hit the lotto/ I spent so much time in Magic City ‘Every day I’m so Atlanta’ was always my motto,” Ludacris raps.

“I brought millions of dollars to the city/ Now the whole world jack Atlanta/I was wondering if this was propaganda/ To get more juice than Tropicana/ Overheard this song, I was shooting a movie, I told them to stop the camera/ To say, no matter what block Atlanta/ No city can opp Atlanta/ Ever since the South had something to say, nobody can stop Atlanta/ They won’t top Atlanta/ We don’t knock Atlanta/ We got proper manners/ But the whole world know we’ll cock a hammer.”

He then concludes, “And no matter who don’t like it, haters I’m home/ Heard my name and had to address this/ Thank you ladies, I’m gone, Luda!”

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