‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s Martell Holt: I’m Officially Single!!

Love & Marriage star Martell Holt has announced that he is officially single after splitting from his wife, Melody Holt.

“As an official single man it’s time I change my circles @lisanicolecloyd @DrSSWhitmore thanks for your kind words,” he tweeted.

Martell confessed to cheating on his wife after his mistress, Arionne Curry, stepped forward and spilled the team on their affair.

He also alleged his ex, Melody, cheating on him during their marriage. He implied he cheated because he was not getting any at home.

 “I’ll say to all women, take care of your man from the beginning. You know? If you know he has certain needs, take care of your man. Especially if your man is helping out at the house, taking care of the kids…I mean not just taking care of the kids, really the dominant parent. I’ve been the dominant parent when it came to my household. Always have been, I still am right now even going through this divorce, I still am.”


He added, “If that’s sexual, umm I don’t give a damn, even if it’s head. I’m committed to you, you’re mine. I’m yours.”

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