‘Love Is Blind’s Shake Chatterjee Slams Nick Lachey


‘Love Is Blind’s Shake Chatterjee has blasted show host Nick Lachey for not being impartial during the reunion show.

“You put a doctor on the show… of course you were going to see some critical thinking,” he wrote. “Speaking of which, @nicklachey you’re a massive twat for your comment dragging vets. You do realize that becoming a veterinarian considerably more difficult than becoming a human doc right?”

“Also consider learning how to be an impartial host before the season 3 reunion airs,” he continued. “Sorry I didn’t play along with your narrative like the rest of these puppets. Say hi to @vanessalachey for me.” 

He deleted the post.

Shake was engaged to Deepti Vempati but he dissed her repeatedly behind her back and to her face. Viewers turned on him for his rude remarks about her. Deepti turned him down at the altar because she said she deserved somebody who valued her. Shake acted like he didn’t care but viewers said he was clearly bothered.

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