Love & Hiphop Akbar V FIGHTS Alexis Skyy: RIPS Off Her Ponytail & Holds It Up Like A Trophy! (Vid)

Last night a vicious fight broke out at the Saucy Santana album release party in Atlanta, between Love & Hiphop stars Akbar V and Alexis Skyy. And during the fight, MTO News has learned that Akbar ripped out Alexis’ sew-in ponytail.

And for the rest of the night, Akbar was holding up the ponytail, like it was a trophy. Here’s a video showing the aftermath of the fight, and Akbar swinging around Alexis’ pricey hairpiece.

The two ladies have been enemies for years. Their friendship ended shortly after Alexis gave birth to a special meeds child 3 years ago. MTO News learned that Akbar began making fun of the beautiful angel, calling her “retarded” and “brain dead.”

Akbar finally apologized to Alexis Skyy’s daughter Araya, this past summer – but as they say, some beef is everlasting. As MTO News previously reported, Akbar crossed a line when she attacked Alexis’ daughter Araya calling her “brain dead.” 

Alexis gave birth to her daughter prematurely in January 2018 and she was diagnosed with a brain condition called hydrocephalus.

Akbar wrote a long message on her Instagram page, stating “I would like to apologize for what I did a few weeks ago. No matter what, I shouldn’t have escaped from my personality. I said I shouldn’t say,” she continued. “So, as a business woman, as a woman, during menstruation, I apologize to those who are offended. I am better than that, I need it, and I will get the help it deserves.”

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