Love & Hip Hop’s Rasheeda Hospitalized w/ ‘Exhaustion’: Fans Dragging Her On IG!

Love & Hiphop star Rasheeda Frost was rushed to the hospital yesterday, MTO News has confirmed, and Rasheeda told fans that she was hospitalized for “exhaustion.”

Rasheeda told fans, “God has a way of sitting you down when you think you can do it all! What an eye opener for me!”

Then the gorgeous reality star disclosed her diagnosis, “Dehydration & stress is serious I’m a % witness! But I’m better now & truly blessed! Gotta switch things up! “

And Rasheeda posted pictures from her hospitalization:

Most of Rasheeda’s fans are in her comments wishing her a quick recovery – but not everyone.

A sizable chunk of people in Rasheeda’s comments are suggesting that her hospital visit could be the result either of a more severe illness, or stress brought on by her husband Kirk’s actions, or even a possible drug overdose, MTO News has learned.

Either way, she’s being dragged in the comments . . . 

DA BRAT: I Slept w/ Rasheeda’s Husband

Of course, there’s NO reason to believe that Rasheeda is lying. But on social media – conspiracy theories run rampant.

Here’s just a sample of hundreds of similar comments in her comments:

Is this code for drugs they always saying stress and exhaustion that’s the PR go to.

I’ve never heard of a non-celebrity hospitalized for exhaustion. I know a lot of people that OD tho

Why do celebrity people need to go to the hospital for “stress and exhaustion?” Can’t she just go home and take a nap like most of us regular-degular people? They sell drinks with electrolytes, Rasheater.

What did Kirk do now?

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