Love & Hip Hop Mimi’s GAY Fiance Ty Young Allegedly Cheating . . . Caught On Video!

Last year, Love & Hip Hop star Mimi Faust and her longtime girlfriend Ty Young got engaged. Now MTO News has learned that a video surfaced on social media, which folks on social media say – shows Ty cheating on Mimi.

In the video, which we have posted below, a woman is seen holding Ty around the waist while Ty was on a “business trip” in Los Angeles, MTO News has learned.

The video – on its face – doesn’t look good for Ty. But it also does not conclusively show that she’s been cheating either.


Studies surrounding cheating have repeatedly shown that while women are more likely to cheat in a relationship than men – lesbians are the least likely of all people to cheat.

In a British dating firm Coffee & Company’s survey of 3,000 people in Britain, 25 percent of women — compared to 9 percent of men — said they would definitely cheat if they fell for someone outside their relationship. However, a different U.S. study in the “Archives of Sexual Behavior” revealed 23 percent of straight men had cheated in their current relationship, versus 19 percent of straight women, so it’s unclear if men or women cheat more to start off with. Either way, it seems like there is plenty of it happening!

A U.S. study published in Family Process in 2011 showed lesbians to have the lowest cheating rates of anyone: 8 percent for lesbians, 10 percent for straight men, 14 percent for straight women, and 59 percent for gay men.

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