Love After Lockup SPOILER: Ray & Britney GET MARRIED!! (PICS)


On the current season of Love After Lockup – we’re left wondering, will Britney and Ray ever get married. Well MTO News did a bit of research and the answer is – YES. They already did.

The first clue that the couple was married was Britney’s Instagram posts. Britney posted two photos in her wedding dress, including this shared image from a family member:


The second clue was the couple set up a website for their wedding – called The site states that the couple’s nuptials were scheduled for November 14. The ceremony was going to be at Margaritaville Lake Resort in Montgomery, Texas.

Kodak Black Proposes Baby Mama

The weskit also writes:

Raymond and Britney met by chance in 2019 and as soon as they set eyes on one another they knew immediately that THIS IS IT! While there were obstacles to overcome, Raymond and Britney did just and did it together. Raymond and Britney feel blessed about this beautiful union between the two of them, and look forward to merging their families, and creating a family of their own.

But there’s another, far more convincing receipt. The website Stacasm was able to obtain a copy of the couple’s marriage license, which shows that they were officially married by Dr. Anita Wright at 5:30 PM. The document was officially filed on November 19.

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