Love After Lockup Is ‘FAKE’; Accused Of Hiring ‘ACTOR’ For New Season!! (Details)

Love After Lockup is one of the highest rated reality shows on television. But MTO News has received evidence that the show may be a lot less “real” than the network would have you believe.

The show has allegedly been hiring “actors” to play roles for the supposed “reality show.”

One of the biggest storylines on the new season of Life After Lockup is Michael Simmons meeting Sarah Simmons’ new boyfriend, Malcolm Woolridge. Well MTO News has confirmed that Malcolm is a paid actor.

Michael and Sarah Simmons recently split – and the two are trying to find a way to co-parent together

In the new season, Sarah has a new “boyfriend” Malcolm. In one riveting scene from the upcoming season, Michael shows up at Sarah’s house unannounced to play with his daughters. Meanwhile, Malcolm Woolridge was with Sarah at her place (he’s allegedly living there) and both men finally meet in the most recent Life After Lockup episode.


The conversation between the men is tense in new episodes. But MTO News is hearing reports that all that drama was faked.

How do we know this? Well MTO News confirmed that Life After Lockup personality Malcolm Woolridge lists himself as an actor on his Facebook page. And on Malcolm’s mother’s Facebook page she dished on her son’s “new project” at the beginning of October. 

Moreover, she used phrases like “rapper”, “singer”, and “actor” when talking about his new gig.

WEtv plays up the love triangle angles on both Life After Lockup and the flagship franchise, so this season – they faked it/ 

Sarah Simmons said she met Malcolm Woolridge online. And that the pair really hit it off. 

But according to her latest IG post, the two have already split – right after filming stopped:

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