Lori Harvey, 25, Threatens To STOP TALKING TO STEVE  – If He Stops Funding Her Lavish Lifestyle

Lori Harvey, 25, has threatened to STOP TALKING to her father Steve Harvey, if he doesn’t continue to fund her lavish lifestyle, MTO News has learned. Steve admitted to this in a new interview with the podcast Earn Your Leisure.

Steve told the interviewer, “I told Lori I was gon’ cut her off and she just went (calmly) ‘daddy stop’. That was all she said was (calmly) ‘Don’t, don’t play. Don’t play’. Cause Lori really thinks she’s the special one.”

Then Lori hit Steve with the consequences that he’d face. Steve said, “Lori, I told her I was gon’ cut her off cause she’s making a lot of money right now. And she just started laughin’ and then she said ‘and you’re not gonna speak to me anymore?’ I said ‘yeah I’ll still talk to you..” and she said ‘but not if you cut me off daddy’. So, can’t cut her off.”

Here’s Steve Praising Lori Harvey:

Steve did have some praise for Lori. According to Steve, while she’s still VERY expensive, she seems to be working towards her goals. Steve explained, “Lori has a team. Lori has a CEO mentality. She understands it now she gets it, you know, she been through the washer out here.”

Steve added, “She know how the social media can be. She know how to make it more of a friend of hers than an enemy. And she just got real smart man. And she’ll come to me and she’ll go ‘Dad, I’m thinking about doin’ this. What do you think?’ I don’t always agree, but I don’t have to. Because what’s in Lori imagination, I don’t have to see.”

He ended saying, “Like this girl right here is not gon’ stop man. Her skin care line is good, she’s into fashion, she smart and it’s just a pleasure watchin’ her.”

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