Loni Love Agrees w/ Tiffany Haddish That Nicki Minaj Is Disrespectful


Comedian Loni Love has agreed with Tiffany Haddish’s claims last week that Nicki Minaj is disrespectful.

 “And unlike Nicki, I treat everyone with respect and dignity,” she said after somebody referred to her as the “Nicki [Minaj] of comedy.”

Tiffany took offense when on Clubhouse, somebody compared her to Nicki.

“She is correct. Nicki can be a little, you know, not punctual,” said Loni Love told Nightly Pop. “I had her on the show, on The Real, and girl was worth it. She was late. She was about an hour [late]. We had to go buy chicken for her whole crew. It was a demand. It was Popeyes.”


Nicki has been laying low and focusing on parenting after she gave birth to her son. She shares her only child with husband, Kenneth “ZOO” Petty and seems to be very happy.

There have long been rumors about nNicki’s lack of friendliness — but Nicki has always maintained that she’s had to be tough to survive in this business.

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