London On Da Track’s Baby Mama Drags Summer Walker


Summer Walker is currently pregnant with London On Da Track’s baby — and his baby’s mamas have been clapping back against the star on social media.

Eboni Ivorii, one of London’s baby mamas, had a few choice words for Summer recently.


“Yu the first 2 call me and everybody broke. That’s all yu good for all the time,” she posted on social media. “Now yu wanna b dramatic & want sympathy. B*tch please. Dirty dusty musty dog.”

Her words were in response to the following post by Summer:

 “Mf’s really worship money, das crazy, money over everything,” she wrote. “Over yo friends yo family, yo kids, money over yo self. F*ck integrity, f*ck self love, self care, evolving, growing, healing as long as you got money? Weird concept to grasp.”

London has already expressed the public beefs, and says that he will not choose sides and speak out against any of the mothers of his children.

Summer needs to find a way to make peace because they are all now connected for life.

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