In Living Color’s Tommy Davidson Hasn’t Heard From Jamie Foxx Since Calling Him ‘Mean’

In Living Color’s Tommy Davidson says he has not spoken to Jamie Foxx since he wrote about Foxx being mean to him in his memoir.

Tommy said while he was filming the movie ‘Booty Call’ with Jamie Foxx, Jamie was “mercilessly mean” to him to impress director Kenan Ivory Wayans.

“I haven’t actually heard from him,” Tommy said to Page Six. “I threw some light on this because the book actually was about how my odyssey can help the reader. So I just pointed out all the situations I was in that I was able to eventually transcend. It was really a road map for the reader … not only understand something but over-stand it.”

In the comments section, people defended Davidson:

“It’s crazy how people make you feel that you can’t speak on how fk’d up thry treat you. It’s like u gotta hold it all in and smile through the hurt lol some stuff really be messed up frfr. Accountability is a bish #speakyourtruth” somebody wrote.

Foxx has not responded.


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