Lite Skinned Danileigh PHOTOSHOPS Kid w/ DaBaby . . . Lightened The Babys SKIN & EYES!!

Rapper DaBaby and Danileigh, 26, recently welcomed their first child together, a gorgeous baby girl. And ever since the baby’s birth, MTO News has learned that Dani has been sharing several photos of her daughter on social media. 

But yesterday she shared one photo that has many of her fans and followers upset. In the image, Dani photoshopped the baby – to lighten her skin and eyes.

Here’s a picture of the adorable child – she’s perfect:

And here’s the picture that Danileigh posted online:

Why are people so upset with the altered image of Dani’s daughter? Well because Dani has made some colorist statements in the past.

Danileigh Makes Racist Comment

In her track entitled “Yellow Bone,” she rapped the lyrics, ‘YELLOW BONE THATS WHAT HE WANT,” with the DaBaby as seemingly the “he” she was referencing. It immediately received backlash from people who accused her song of being racist and colorist, especially considering that DaniLeigh, who is Dominican-American, has never claimed blackness or said she was Afro-Latinx.

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