Lisaraye: Halle Berry Can’t Keep Man Because She Has ‘Trash P***y’

Actress Lisaraye, 53, is not known for holding her tongue. And earlier this week, MTO News learned that she spilled some tea on one of her longtime Hollywood rivals, actress Halle Berry.

During a conversation on her show, FOX SOUL, Lisaraye and her co-hosts discussed why some women are unable to hold onto a man.

And the discussion took a very interesting turn. Here is a transcript of the back and forth.

Lisa: ” I think she kinda meant that MAYBE she don’t have the experience on her to put it on em”.

Claudia: ” But you know what…Toni Braxton got some fine men back in the day”.

Lisa: “But she done lost some too. So we don’t know what she be doin in the bedroom. It could be like Halle Berry”

Claudia: “What you mean Lisa Raye about Halle Berry? She not supposed to be good in the bedroom”?

Lisa: ” That’s what they said… That’s what I read… And that’s what I heard…That’s what they say.”


Later on in the discussion the ladies began to referring to the issue – which Lisaraye claims Halle has – as “having trash p***y.”

According to the urban dictionary, a woman has “trash p***y” when she is unable to sexually please her partner. The phrase is not meant to say that anything is wrong with the woman’s vagina physically. Rather, that the woman has inadequate bedroom skills or an inadequate sex drive to satisfy her partner.

Halle has not yet responded to Lisaraye’s accusation against her.

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