Lisa Vanderpump May Never Ride A Horse Again After Accident

Lisa Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd says she may never ride a horse again after she was hospitalized last week for being thrown off a horse.

“I think maybe that was her last ride,” Todd told TMZ. “I wouldn’t let her ride again.”

“I was there,” he told the site. “When I saw her thrown off, I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. I ran over there, and she was just on the floor, and she knew that she’d broken her leg straightaway.”

According to TMZ, Lisa was horseback riding at The Paddock Riding Club on Sunday when the horse she was on got spooked and threw her off. An eyewitness told them that Lisa flew over the horse’s head and landed on her back.

She broke her leg in two places just above her ankle. Her back was also bruised. She was taken to the hospital, with her husband, Ken Todd, following closely behind. She will have to have surgery but should be fine afterward. According to doctors her recovery period should take approximately 10 weeks.

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