Lisa Vanderpump Denies Kyle Richards’ Claims She Dined & Dashed!!

After Kyle Richards claimed that Lisa Vanderpump once dined and dashed — Lisa is shooting down the rumors.

She says Kyle is always trying to make her look bad.

“I didn’t dine and dash. She should keep her new nose out of my business,” Lisa said on The Daily Dish.

“OK, so I’m in a restaurant and I see Kyle and the producer of Overserved, he comes to me and he’s like, ‘Hi.’ He said, ‘I’m in here in the restaurant having dinner with Kyle.’ I said, ‘Oh, thanks a lot.’ I said, ‘Are you gonna buy me dinner?’ joking,” Lisa revealed. “When I left I gave the server an imprint of my credit card and I said, ‘Take my bill, I’m leaving now, to that guy over there.’ So I left and so I said, ‘If he doesn’t pay it here’s the imprint of my credit card.'”


She said once she left, she assumed the producers had paid the bill, but the following week, Kyle let her know the tab had not been picked up.

LVP says the incident was more than a decade ago,

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