Lira Galore: I Don’t Do Drugs Or Pop Pills!!


Lira Galore is defending herself after a video of her turning up went viral.

In the video, Lira is seen drinking tequila straight out of the bottle, and she appears to be heavily intoxicated and possibly under the influence.

Lira took to Twitter to address the critics. She says she was playing a card game with friends, “‘ Take 3 shots’ & I wasn’t supposed to be drunk. Go to hell.”

“I hate the internet can’t get drunk w/o ppl being dramatic sheesh,” she continued, “it was game night w/ close friends in the comfort of my own home . Most games involved taking 2/3 shots if lost or a certain card was picked . Relax .”

Lira went on to add: “I don’t do drugs . I don’t pop pils smoke weed none of that. Boutta take a hair follicle drug test so everybody can be tf quiet . I drink tequila & hookah DASSIT.”

Earlier this year, Lira was accused of taking drugs by her baby daddy Pierre “Pee” Thomas. She denied the allegations.


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