Lil Yachty: Nicki Minaj Still Has Me Blocked

Last month, Lil Yachty begged Nicki Minaj to unblock him, but in a recent interview, he revealed that Nicki has still not unblocked him.

“It’s the Barbz, man. They’re still killing me. I woke up yesterday to a heat of fire under my butt from the Barbz,” he told TMZ.

“And the thing about that was I think I’m just big on loyalty. I got a lot of love for Cardi B and she’s a damn-near family members so I’ll do whatever. I’m gonna ride. But I never — I’ve loved Nicki Minaj since I was a child. Yesterday I went on Twitter to retweet my tweets from middle school of me praising Nicki, and then I went on Instagram live to let the world know Nicki Minaj has me blocked.”

He says he even begged Drake for assistance: “I even hit Drake, I’m like, ‘Yo Drake, tell Nicki I love her. I love her to death.’ I checked this morning, I’m still blocked.”

Should Nicki unblock him?

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