Lil Xan Shares Why He Put Stat Quo On Blast


Lil Xan recently put his former manager Stat Quo on blast for allegedly feeding his drug addiction and then taking his car.

He hopped on Instagram in a post on Thursday to explain why.

“So glad I could finally bring this story to light,” he wrote. “[Am] I putting 100% of the blame on him? no I was a drug addict how could I ! Am I telling you that he was doing nothing but speeding up my drug use by supplying my the very pills that could’ve killed me ? YES ! I’m making this public because I know in my heart this happens way too often and it’s how we end up losing some of the greatest artist way too young.”

He continued, “These people must answer for there crimes,I remember days on tour my security would have to check on me to see if I was still breathing! But as long as I was medicated enough to get on stage and make that bag for me and the team everything was all good lol what a joke.”

Fans think the feds will be looking into Stat Quo now.

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