Lil Xan: My Manager Was Supplying Me w/ Drugs & He Stole My Car!!

Lil Xan has accused his former manager, Stat Quo, of supplying him with drugs and feeding his drug addiction.

In the clip, he calls himself “Sober Diego” and says he doesn’t like being called Xan anymore.

“Do you guys remember the whole Lil Peep, the story when his management was giving him drugs and it just wasn’t helping out and all that?” Xan asked in a clip circulating online. “That happened to me on tour. My manager, well I don’t even like to call him my manager anymore, Stat Quo, remember that name, Stat Quo.”

“Because when I was on tour through 2018 to two thousand whatever, the world tours with Nicki [Minaj] and Juice [WRLD] and all that. I was a drug addict back then, right? And my manager was supplying me with the drugs.”

Xan went on to allege that his manager knew all of his plugs so if he struggled with performing due to withdrawals, “he would make calls.” The rapper claimed that Stat Quo would pay thousands to have drugs shipped to wherever they were while out on tour, no matter where they were in the world.

“He’s gonna act like he didn’t do that, like a f*ckin’ hypocrite, and I’m really feeling like I should take him to court,” Xan added. “Because that was a time I almost died from the drugs. I was so skinny, unhealthy. Yeah, but his name is Stat Quo, I’ll even f*ckin’ pin this right here… Also, he took my car away, too, that I paid the majority of the money… Now, he wants $30,000 of the remaining money to pay it off. It’s literally all my money in the car and he won’t give it to me.”

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