Lil Xan Beefs w/ Social Media Star Supreme Patty

Lil Xan got into a confrontation with Instagram star Supreme Patty, which allegedly resulted in the rapper throwing a drink at him.

In a video shared to social media, Patty can be seen lunging for Xan, before Xan’s security drags him away.

“Lil Xan is a f*cking p*ssy he threw a drink on me at an event we both got booked at & when I tried confronting him, his security pulled me away grow the f*ck up,” Patty tweeted after the confrontation.

Xan responded to the tweet. He says Patty was not booked for the night, he was only pretending to be.

“We both got booked?? Bruhh you came to my event, and pretended like you got booked for it came to my table and tried to drink everyone’s bottles ,” he wrote.

Patty then wrote: “I’ve been trying to be positive & keep a positive image for over the past year, but regardless of who it is I’m not going to take disrespect from anyone. Especially f*cking lil zan”

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